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Avoid becoming a victim of scams and fraud!

  • Arrange to meet so the buyer can examine the item before payment
  • Be suspicious of too-good-to-be-true offers;
    there's probably a catch
  • Send money before you've seen the item
  • Send an item before you have been paid
Well known classified scams:
  • Cheap overseas phones (iPhones etc.)
  • Cheap laptops (MacBooks etc.)
  • Cheap loans (overseas)
  • Get rich programs
  • Advance funds fraud
  • Puppy scams




Domestic Employment

NEED A DOMESTIC? Visit St Paul~s Church, behind Mulbarton Hospital or phone (011) 432-2895/6 between 14:30 & 16:00 ONLY ON THURSDAYS. We have a number of domestics looking for work.
ANDRINAH Req. full/part time work, domestic. sleep out, cooking, child care, 072 635 5263
ANNA seeks part time domestic work. Mon, Wed - Fri, sleep out, 074 424 5222
ASHIY Req. full/part time work Mon-Fri, sleep out, 061 018 0583
CHRISY seeks part/full time domestic work, sleep in/out, child care. 060 401 1367.
ELIZABETH seeks full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep out, child care. 084 968 8181.
ELIZABETH seeks part/full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep in/out, refs avail. 062 330 8122.
FORGET Req. full/part time work, domestic, sleep out, child care, refs avail. 084 791 1283
JULIA req part time work Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, sleep out. Ref: 076 4696 763 081 877 1151
JULIET Req. full time work Mon-Fri, Domestic, sleep out, cooking, 078 803 9188
LUCY seeks part/full time domestic work, sleep in, child care + refs avail. 063 644 7071
MINKIE seeks part/full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep out, cooking, child care + refs avail. 072 843 6002.
NELISIWE req full/part time domestic work, sleep in/out, cooking, child care. 066 579 3873
NOZIE Requires full/part domestic work, Mon-Sat. Sleep out. Refs avail. Call 063 392 6069
PRIVILEGE seeks full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep out. Refs avail. 064 432 9986
QUEEN req full/part time work Mon, Wed, Fri, sleep out, child care. 083 966 2439
RUDO Seeks full/part time sleep out domestic work has refs. Tel: 073 515 8065
SLYVIA Req. full time domestic worfk Mon-Fri, sleep out, refs avail. 061 677 4117
TELEZA seeks part/full time domestic work, sleep in/out, child care. 063 337 1731.
TENDAI seeks full time domestic work. Mon - Fri. Sleep in, child care. Refs avail. 061 385 7172
ADAMS seeks part time painting & gardening work. Sat. Sleep out. Refs avail. 084 975 1581
ANDREW seeks gardening, painting work, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat, sleep out. 083 423 5479.
ENOCK seeks full/part time gardening work, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, sleep in/out. Refs avail. 081 085 8610.
FRANKIE (MWN)Req. full/part time work Mon-Sat, gardening, sleep in/out, refs avail.
JONATHAN Req. part time work Fri, Sat, painting, gardening, refs avail. 062 543 8454

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